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ASPN Translational Research Committee


Krishnan Chakravarthy, MD, PhDKrishnan Chakravarthy, MD, PhD, Chair of ASPN Translational Research Committee

This is a golden opportunity for our society and field as we are observing an renaissance in the field of pain medicine where innovation is moving faster than ever in terms of new small molecule development, stimulation technology and its rapid expanding indications, and new diagnostic platforms focused on biomarker development. With the rapid speed of innovation, translational science will become the forefront of interpretation, implementation, and guidance for our field. Evidence, objective data, mechanisms of action will be the common language currency for our field going forward. Our committee, unique in its vision and objectives, is excited to be pushing that frontier through ASPN by working with clinicians, industry and patients to fill that critical gap in pain medicine. We want to provide great mentorship and stewardship for our field and give resources through private and public partnerships to new translational ideas. We are excited to work with fellow ASPN committees and society members to begin asking the fundamental questions necessary to advance our field for the present and future. We want to bring forward the fundamental catalyst of medical innovation to pain medicine: translational research.

ASPN Translational Research Committee Members

  • Dirk De Ridder MD, PhD
  • Thomas Kinfe MD, PhD
  • Terje Kirketeig MD, PhD
  • Prasad Shirvalkar MD, PhD
  • Nathaniel Schuster, MD
  • Lawrence Poree MD, PhD
  • Kathleen Meacham MD, PhD
  • Jeffrey Kramer, PhD
  • Daniel Bates, MD
  • Kasra Amirdelfan, MD
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