ASPN Poster to Podium Development Program

Application submission date and deadline to be announced soon!

The American Society of Pain and Neuroscience (ASPN) is dedicated to providing mentorship programs that offer unique and valuable opportunities for the growth and development of ASPN members. These programs aim to advance the scientific understanding, promote patient engagement, and enhance the clinical application of pain medicine treatments. One such program offered by ASPN is the Poster to Podium (P-to-P) program, which has a specific goal of boosting the visibility of early career pain clinicians and researchers and accelerating their journey to leadership positions.

Throughout the 12-month program, P-to-P participants focus on developing a research project. They start by presenting their work as a poster midway through the mentorship year and eventually progress to delivering an oral presentation at the ASPN annual meeting. Mentors provide guidance and support in project development and monitor progress. Additionally, participants benefit from seminar sessions covering essential skills such as public speaking, writing, and presentation techniques. A research development session further enhances their clinical expertise.

Upon completing the P-to-P program, graduates are encouraged to contribute as faculty members, providing guidance and instruction to future participants. This engagement not only benefits mentees but also aids in the professional growth and career development of the graduates themselves. P-to-P graduates become a cohort of dynamic leaders and speakers, representing ASPN and serving as a valuable resource for industry, medical societies, and conference panels.

If you have any questions regarding participation in the program, please reach out to Dr. Erika Petersen, Dr. Tim Deer, or Dr. Dawood Sayed.

“The exposure to such an expansive knowledge base and the connections made while in this program have been truly invaluable. It has been an honor and a privilege to be included in such a talented group of physicians.”

Ashley Bailey-Classen, DO
Trinity Interventional Pain and Spine | Fort Worth, TX

“This has been an extremely eye-opening experience. The mentorship from the KOLs of Pain medicine has been invaluable.”

Dr. Sahil Gupta
Senior Associate Consultant, Mayo Clinic | Jacksonville, FL

“It has been a very informative journey learning from the stalwarts in the field. This experience has provided me with an opportunity to hone skills that go beyond clinical practice. I would recommend every young physician such as myself to be a part of it.”

Dr. Sameer Jain
Pain Treatment Centers of America | Little Rock, AR

“The Poster to Podium program changed my life in a very impactful way. It opened up doors for me to connect with senior physician scientists, researchers, speakers, and leaders in the field and get involved in cutting edge research in neuromodulation. The P2P curriculum is also practical and helpful in coaching our speaking and presentation skills. The P2P program has taken my career to the next level.” 

Melissa Murphy, MD, MPH
North Texas Orthopedics and Spine Center | Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

“A great program for young innovators. Establish connections with some of the biggest names in pain as well as industries in various branches of pain management. Learn to do research under the guidance of a mentor. Great time investment.”

Adam Rupp, MD
Rehabilitation medicine resident | University of Kansas City

“P2P has given me the opportunity to directly engage with leaders in the field in an informal and fun setting–it’s been tremendously helpful with advancing my own career.”

Daniel Pak, MD, MPH
Weill Cornell Medical College | New York, NY

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