Unite for a Better Future in Pain and Neuroscience

ASPN (American Society of Pain & Neuroscience) is dedicated to advancement in the fields of Pain and Neuroscience. All initiatives of ASPN are dedicated to improving patient outcomes, education, research, and innovation. ASPN is committed to achieving its goals by embracing diversity that is inclusive to individuals of all genders, cultures, age, race, sexual orientation, and profession.

Our subspeciality of Interventional Pain is going through an innovative metamorphosis and ASPN has been at the forefront of this revolution. AMA (American Medical Association) plays a vital role in advocacy and policy at the national level, and we would like to provide that unified voice to all our ASPN members. We can leverage our collective expertise and passion to shape national healthcare policy, improve patient care, and champion the interests of pain and neuroscience practitioners across the country as part of AMA”s specialist society committee.

We need a minimum of 1000 or 20% of our physician members be members of AMA to seek an appointment and request for our own delegation to AMA. This daunting task is not possible without your support, we encourage you to take this opportunity and join AMA to help us advocate for our subspeciality on your behalf.

We have partnered with AMA to bring in few discounts which can be availed during the conference. Please use the button below, or feel free to reach out to any of us for further information.

Hemant Kalia, MD, MPH
Hemant Kalia, MD, MPHChair, Advocacy & Policy Committee
Nomen Azeem, MD
Nomen Azeem, MDChair, Membership Committee